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United Kingdom has a good public transport system with domestic and international airports, road and rail networks between major cities and towns of United Kingdom.
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Public Transport in United Kingdom
United Kingdom Airports, Trains, Bus and Taxis
United Kingdom Airports, Trains, Bus and Taxis
There’s no shortage of options if you want to travel in United Kingdom. The tables below will focus on the options available: travel by rail, travel by air, and travel by car and bus tours of United Kingdom. The following chart gives approximate travel times (in hours and minutes).
    Air  Rail  Road
London to Aberdeen  7.35  10.00  2.30
London to Edinburgh  4.30  7.15  4.05
London to Glasgow  5.30  7.00  1.27
London to Newcastle  3.15  5.15    -
London to Manchester  2.15  3.30  6.35
 Air Travel in United Kingdom
There are numerous internal flights between London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool and other major cities with over 30 airports in United Kingdom.

There is an extensive domestic flight network operated by the national airline, British Airways and other Airlines.

All the major airports in United Kingdom including Heathrow and Gatwick can be found here.
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 Travel by Road in United Kingdom
Car Travel in United Kingdom: Traffic drives on the left. Every town and village can be reached by an adequate system of roads.

Driving Licence & vehicle documents must be carried at all times and you will need to bring your own national driving licence if planning to drive in United Kingdom. The minimum driving age is 17.

Several leading car hire companies operates in United Kingdom.

Travel by Bus in United Kingdom: Coaches are fast and reliable which connect to all the major cities of United Kingdom.
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 Trains in United Kingdom
Trains in United Kingdom are operated by several British Railway Companies are comfortable and efficient.

Information about Train Stations in United Kingdom can be found here.

There are several British Train Passes for travel in United Kingdom which will save you money and time available here.

Timetable information and tickets can be obtained at British Rail travel centres at major train stations in United Kingdom.

Ticket and information counters at major train stations are usually open between 06h00 & 22h00 every day.

For more information on travelling round the country by train in United Kingdom click on here.
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