International Code
for United Kingdom is 44

Phone Area Codes
London - 207, 208
Edinburgh - 2661
York - 281
Bath - 2242
Brighton - 2241
More Cities & Codes
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International Dialling Code & Telephone Area Codes for United Kingdom
United Kingdom Telephone Area Codes Dialing Instructions for placing long distance international calls to United Kingdom from abroad:

1) Find the lowest telephone call rate for United Kingdom,
    use our Telephone Call Charges Sheet.

2) Dial the International Dial out code of your country (eg: from UK - 00)
    00 + 44 + City Area Code + Local number

If you need to make a call from United Kingdom you will need dial 00 (eg: 00 44 for UK). Please click here for low international calling rates from United Kingdom.
 UK Telephone Area Codes
Aberdeen Phone Code 1224
Ashford Phone Code 1233
Aylesbury Phone Code 1296
Bath Phone Code 1225
Belfast Phone Code 28
Birmingham Phone Code 121
Blackpool Phone Code 1253
Bournemouth Phone Code 1202
Brighton Phone Code 1273
Bristol Phone Code 117
Cardiff Phone Code 29
Coventry Phone Code 24
Derby Phone Code 1332
Dundee Phone Code 1382
Edinburgh Phone Code 131
Exeter Phone Code 1392
Glasgow Phone Code 141
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 UK Telephone Area Codes
Leeds Phone Code 113
Leicester Phone Code 116
Liverpool Phone Code 151
London Phone Code 20
Londonderry Phone Code 1504
Manchester Phone Code 161
Newcastle upon Tyne Code 191
Norwich Phone Code 1603
Nottingham Phone Code 115
Peterborough Phone Code 1733
Plymouth Phone Code 1752
Preston, Lancashire Code 1772
Sheffield Phone Code 114
Southampton Phone Code 23
Stoke-on-Trent Phone Code 1782
Swansea Phone Code 1792
Swindon Phone Code 1793
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 UK Telephone Area Codes
Wolverhampton Code 1902
York Phone Code 1904
Mobile (7 digit number) Phone Code 693
Mobile (7 digit number) Phone Code 694
Mobile (7 digit number) Phone Code 697
Mobile (7 digit number) Phone Code 699
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