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United Kingdom Map and Geography of United Kingdom
United Kingdom Map United Kingom is made of four islands: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
England: London, South, Southwest, East Anglia, Midlands, East Midlands, Northwest.
Northern Ireland: County Antrim, Belfast, County Armagh, County Fermanagh, County Tyrone, County Londonderry.
Scotland: Highlands, Central Scotland, Low Lands & off shore islands
Wales: Wales can be easily divided up into North, Central and South regions.
London, the capital, lies in southeast of England.
United Kingdom map
 Geography of United Kingdom
Location: Western Europe

Land Area: 241,590 sq km

British Coastline: 12,429 Km

Regions in United Kingdom:
England: 47 boroughs, 36 counties, 29 London boroughs, 12 cities and boroughs, 10 districts, 12 cities, 3 royal boroughs

Northern Ireland: 24 districts, 2 cities, 6 counties

Scotland: 32 council areas

Wales: 11 county boroughs, 9 counties, 2 cities and counties

Bordering Countries to United Kingdom: Republic of Ireland
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